Vacation Rental Direct

from Owner!

Driving Instructions

1.Start going towards the AIRPORT EXIT                                            0.2

2.Continue on AIRPORT BLVD E                                                        0.7

3.Continue on S SEMORAN BLVD                                                      0.3

4.Take the SR-528-TOLL WEST/(I-4)/(US-441)/INTERNATIONAL DRIVE(US-17)/TURNPIKE(US-92) ramp                                           0.3

5.Merge on SR-528 WEST                                                                   10.6

6.Take the I-4 WEST exit towards DISNEY WORLD/TAMPA           0.6

7.Merge on I-4 WEST                                                                            6.9

8.Take the US-192 WEST exit towards DISNEY WORLD, exit #64B.

9.Stay on US-192 until you get to Old Lake Wilson just past mile marker 6 (SR 545) turn Left.

10.Stay on Old Lake Wilson and just past Livingston Road on the right is the entrance to Windsor Hills, proceed to the guard house and they will provide you with a pass for the duration of your stay.

11. Once past the guard house immediately turn right, stay on Comrow until you get to 7675 Comrow Street, and go to the 4th  floor to Unit 401.

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